6th Apr


As you probably know the Government has announced a programme of Covid booster vaccinations for patients aged over 75 and additional primary doses for immunocompromised patients aged over 12.

Unfortunately we will not be offering these vaccinations at the surgery and patients will need to book via the National Booking Service. Please see the link below.

Please note you cannot have a booster until six months have elapsed since your last covid vaccination.

We will be vaccinating our Care Home and housebound patients and will be making arrangements to do so after Easter.

6th Apr


As you know, during the Covid pandemic, it was necessary for GP practices to change the way they worked to ensure that everyone was kept safe. Despite what the press may say, this did not mean that GPs stopped seeing patients face to face.  Here at Borough Green surgery we have always been proud that patients had good access to appointments and we were keen to ensure that this continued under the new way of working. Although we conducted initial triage on the telephone or online, we always invited patients in for a face to face appointment, if it was clinically appropriate. Of course, there are some conditions that have to be seen to be properly diagnosed and treated.  We continued to see as many as 40 patients a day and dealt with hundreds more on the telephone.

Some months ago, as the height of the pandemic passed, we reintroduced a small number of pre-bookable face to face appointments. At this stage, we were dealing with an avalanche of patient demand as people were contacting us with all the problems they had saved up during the pandemic. As you may know our phone lines were incredibly busy and as you may not know, our doctors were (and still often are) working 12/13 hour days to keep up with the demand. For this reason, we retained the initial telephone triage system for the majority of appointments. We will continue to retain this system for the time being as we believe it is the best option for ensuring that those patients we see face to face are those most appropriate to be seen, therefore providing the most efficient way of dealing with the continued high demand. If you have a strong preference to be seen you can discuss it with the GP during the call.

In addition to the pre-bookable appointments our doctors have 36 telephone appointments available for each available doctor on each day and patients who have a legitimately urgent need will still have the opportunity to speak to a doctor (may not be their own doctor) on the same day even when all these appointments are filled.

Our reception staff are trained to help patients to identify the most relevant care. We instruct them to ask patients why they are calling so that they can assist in ensuring the problem is dealt with by the most appropriate professional and that the professional can determine which calls might warrant a speedier response. If all our routine appointments are booked on the day you call you will be offered the next available routine appointment. If you  feel you are unable to wait, you can request an urgent appointment. We do ask patients not to take an urgent appointment slot unless they feel it is something so urgent that you would otherwise have to call 111 or attend A&E.

Many thanks,
Borough Green doctors

6th Apr


The Practice will close on the following afternoons from 1.00 p.m. These closures are set by West Kent Clinical Commissioning Group (WKCCG) and are to ensure that Primary Health Care Teams are getting the essential training and development needed to ensure delivery of the best possible service to patients.

When the surgery is closed there will be an On Call service running during these events and these dates will also be displayed in the surgery premises and on the surgery door. If you have an urgent need for medical attention please call 111. In an emergency continue to call 999. Please remember to collect your repeat prescriptions outsides of these times.

2022 closures:

  • 11th May
  • 9th June
  • 19th July
  • 17th August
  • 8th September
  • 18th October
  • 9th November